December 06, 2005

The Devil's Kitchen: Polly is an idiot #94

In DK's fisking it seems that he missed one point, and it is the one that always gets me.

She conflates not increasing spending with cutting spending.

Next year I plan to win the lottery, if I do not does that mean that I have had money taken from me? No just that I have not gained more that than I did this year.

In fact Cameron isn't even planning on not increasing spending, so even taking inflation into account the amount of real money pissed away 'invested' in public services is not going to change. If anything it is going up. Polly even knows this as she says
"Cameron has promised to restrict spending growth to a lower rate than the growth of the economy"
So he is going to increase, not decrease as polly says everywhere else, spending. He simply proposes not increasing wealth consumption faster than wealth creation.


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